1936 Shuzo Hongo,grandfather of the president, established "Fuji Terminal Works"and
started production of Seamless Copmression Copper Terminals.
Jul.1958 Manzo Hongo,father of the president, rebegan production of Solderless Terminals
under the name of "Fuji Terminal Works Company Limited".
Our company name became "Fuji Terminal Industry Company Limited.
Aug..1962 Our company "Fuji" was registered and listed at MITI (Ministry of International Trade
and? Industry of Japan).
Jul.1965 Production of Miniature Fuses Began.
1970-80 Our Terminals and Fuses were listed with the several standards agencies
May.1981 To ensure the best quality,we developed our original automated fuse production line.
Apr.1985 To develop the rationally synthesized through process, we constructed new facilities
in Sakuto,Okayama Pref.
Aug.1988 Production of Thermal Cut-off Fuses began.
Sep.1990 Tatsuya Hongo assumed office as president.
Jun.1991 To increase the production capacity for Solderless Terminal,new company
"Okayama FT" was built up in Okayama Pref.
Apr.1992 Our Thermal Cut-off Fuses were Listed with VDE standard.
Jun.1994 Our FMC Fuses were Listed with UL standard.
Dec.1994 To increase the production capacity for Glass Fuses and Thermal Cut-off Fuses,
new company "Qingdao Fuji Terminal Industry Co.,Ltd."was established in Qingdao China.
Jul.1996 Established a sales Office "Fuji Terminal(H.K.) Co.,Ltd." in Hong Kong? to care AsianMarket.
Jul.1997 Got approval of ISO9002 at Sakuto-Factory
for Glass Tube fuse & Thermal Cuttoff Fuse Production.
Feb.1998 Established a sales office "Fuji Terminal(S) Pte.Ltd.
in Singapore to cover South East Asia-market.
Apr.1999 Built up No.2 Sakuto-Factory for Terminal manufacturing.
Aug..2000 Established? "Fuji Terminal Taiwan Inc." to expand Terminal Products to world wide.
Sep.2000 Established a sales Office "Fuji Terminal Europe" in
Netherlands? to cover Europe market.
Aug.2002 Established? "Fuji Terminal China Inc." and started terminals production in China.
Feb.2003 Got approval of ISO 9001 (2000 year edition)
Sakuto Factory listed as certified factory by ISO 14001 (JQA-EM3753)
Feb.2004 To enlarge marketing & managing environment, Head office moved to Nishihonmachi
for distribution rationalization, we established Logistic Centre in Sakuto- Factory.
Jul.2005 Fuji Terminal Tokyo Office Open.
Jul.2005 Established Trading Company "Victory Policy Shanghai International Trading Co., Ltd."
in Shanghai China.
Sep.2006 Established "G5 Japan Corporation" The handles of biodegradable plastic.
Jul.2007 The 50th company anniversary.
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