Our Thoughts

The society we live in. The future beyond our imagination.

Electricity makes our lives richer.

We take pride in enabling the flow of electricity and keeping it safe, and thus protecting our lives.

By aiming to create something beautiful, we protect not only the safety of our lives, but the culture of manufacturing in our country for future generations.

To protect the society we live in, and to connect us to a prosperous future, our challenge continues.

Our mission is “To protect our lives and connect us to the future”.

Fuji Terminal Industry Co., Ltd.




Mimasaka City is located with a beautiful view of Mount Notoka, the mountain described in Man’yōshū, the oldest collection of poetry in Japan. It is located by the Izumo Highway which leads to the ancient city of Kyoto, which is rich with history.
After World War II, Mimasaka City set its restoration concept as “love”. The restoration based on “love” led the city to become the international sister city of Saint-Valentin in France.
Our products, created with experience and skill in the beautiful land of Mimasaka, protect our lives.
It is with this mentality, as well as with our dedication to perfectionism, which motivates us to provide products of the highest quality.

Our Factory – made in MIMASAKA –



Electric Fuses

~ Protection from accidents caused by mechanical failure ~
We protect our lives by minimizing the potential for accidents as much as possible. We do so through our long years’ experience of quality control, highly accurate production processes and top quality products.
Current fuses protect devices from malfunctioning due to overcurrent and prevent fires caused by short circuits, thus protecting our daily lives.
With too high a current, the fuse element melts and thereby breaks the circuit, cutting off the current and protecting the device. There are various kinds of current fuses, such as tube fuses made with glass or ceramic, micro fuses for printed circuit boards and chip fuses.
Our company has produced fuses since our establishment and we have over 60 years of experience in this area. Initially, assembly was done manually. We then succeeded in being the first Japanese company to automate the process. This breakthrough led to our emphasis on making fuses widely available.
We have built a strong global network and our products are now available in various places around the world.
Fuji Terminal Industry Co., Ltd. supports society by continuously developing specialized fuses such as high breaking capacity fuses, compact fuses, and so on.

Thermal Fuses

~ Protection from machinery related fire ~
We provide components necessary for preventing fires caused by machinery.
Thermal fuses are thermosensitive and cut off the electric current to prevent excesses of temperature when instruments, parts, machinery, etc., heat up above the set limit for any reason.
There are alloy thermal fuses made with low-temperature fusible alloys, and temperature-sensitive pellet type thermal fuses which use chemical compounds called organic acids.
The thermal fuses made in Japan by Fuji Terminal are high quality and have a complex structure.
You will be able to print “Made in Japan” on your machinery if otherwise applicable.
Also, by developing thermal fuses with high insulation, we enable the operation of products in places which were originally impossible, further lowering the risk of fire hazard.
We prioritize protecting your safety, and strive for further development so as to provide “best in class” value.




~ Making electric connections ~
Our terminals, which use highest quality copper of 99.9% purity, safely deliver electricity to machines.
Our solderless terminals have consistently been available in the same dimensions for more than half a century since they were first developed, and continuously protect our lives.

We have produced terminals since the company was established, as reflected in our company’s name.
From the end of 1960, the production of electrical appliances entered its peak period and the variety and number of electric products increased. Back then, copper terminals on which wires were soldered were mainly used. Later, crimp terminals requiring specialized tools became popular, and thus our company started their production and sale.
Crimp terminals were invented in the United States during the latter half of World War II. The main advantage of this kind of terminal is it dramatically increased the mean time until failure of electrical connections in electrical systems. Unless the line is cut or the connected device fails, they keep a safe and stable electrical connection.
We produce top quality products in our factory which meet the Japanese Industrial Standards, in addition to passing our own independent self-evaluation standards.
We not only produce standardized products, but can also develop and provide various customized terminals to unique specifications.
In addition to our existing product lines, we use revolutionary technologies to strive for delivering new products to market.
We persist at all times in our efforts to create top quality products.